The organized furniture industry is in its infancy in India. Traditionally furniture has been made by the local carpenter. He tends to use the material without any technical evaluation of its suitability for its application. He will usually focus on the visual looks of the products without realizing that the life of the furniture is equally dependent on the material he uses inside the furniture.

Yes the foam used inside has a big impact on the life of the fabric used on the furniture. If the foam deteriorates then the fabric will also go bad. Usually the cost of good quality foam is only a fraction of the cost of the fabric. Yet carpenters and customers tend to focus more on the fabric rather than the foam.

At Prime Comforts we provide a range of foams specially designed for the furniture industry. We can help you choose the right foam whether it is for the seat or the back rest or the armrest.

In addition different types of furniture – luxury, regular, value for money, home or industrial will need different specifications.

Evaluating Resistance To Light
Resistance to light is evaluated with a Weather meter and is expressed in terms of the number of hours of exposure to the Xenon lamp that is necessary to reach certain degradation or color fading. The number of hours may also be given by a blue scale index from 1 to 8. Our UV Stable foams present a high blue scale index and are also thermally stable.

Major Applications

Sports shoe
Inner wears etc.