The Automobile industry uses a wide variety of PU foam from lamination, to cushioning, to heat and noise insulation. Prime Comforts manufactures foams of different densities and thicknesses to allow vendors to major automobile manufacturers add value to their business.

Prime Comforts Hennecke Foaming machine allow us to provide you foam with sheets and rolls in a combination of density, thickness and hardness needed by you. Using our 2 mt. loop peeler we can provide thicknesses of as low as 1.2 mm and continuous rolls with high precision and quality. The loop peeler allows us to make high quality consistent dimension foam that can be used to laminate a wide variety of substrate material using fire or adhesive lamination. The Prime Comfort foam has an excellent cell structure that allows laminators to achieve high bond strengths and thus achieve higher efficiencies and throughputs thereby reducing their costs. We have seen that the melt losses in our material supplied for flame lamination is much lesser than that offered by other suppliers.

We can also work with our regular customers to provide them the specified density and hardness needed by them for specified substrate material being used by them for lamination.

Apart from rolls material can also be made available in sheets of different widths and lengths for processing both in Poly ether and Polyester.