Polyester PU Foam

Polyester foams have a finer and more regular cell structure, a higher mechanical strength and are not affected by organic solvents and petroleum products.These foams can be die-cut, bored, milled, glued or flame-laminated. ..

This makes these foams ideally suited for many industrial applications which require processing of the foam and applications such as filters, flame lamination, Acoustic insulation.

We also provide customised solutions. Please send us an enquiry if you have a specific requirement.

Grade Nominal Density
Hardness 'N'
(at 40% compression)
PPI (pores/inch) Applicable Standards Uses
PY 435 35+1 170 min. 170 min. IS:845
General Purpose,
Industrial Application,
Vibration Dampening
PY 445 45+2 170 min. 75+10 ISO:845
Industrial Washers,
Protective Packagin
Major Applications
Sound absorption Flame lamination Padding Sealing. Thermal insulation packaging etc.